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Two-time Australian Accounting Award Winner – Superannuation Specialist Accountant of the Year 2021 & 2022, Susan O’Connor has written this comprehensive e-book guide to help you establish your own SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) from the initial set up to thriving. Get your copy now!

We are SMSF Accountants in Perth with over 25 years experience and hold a Limited AFS License to provide advice in the area of SMSFs. We are committed to providing a professional and personalised service to all our clients. You can trust us to treat you with integrity and courtesy. We understand that your superannuation is an important asset and we will be with you every step of the way. We specialise in Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs). Every aspect of your SMSF is taken care of, leaving you to focus on what matters most to you.

Our SMSF Accountants provide a streamlined and hassle free process to help you set up a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), giving you control over where your superannuation is invested. We take care of the annual administration, accounting, taxation and compliance work and have a network of professionals we can refer you to for specialist advice on legal documentation, property, loans and insurance. We also arrange the annual audit for your SMSF tax return.

We are just the right size to provide you with a personalised service with the right amount of resources, experience and knowledge. We are also licensed to provide advice in the area of SMSFs. Our fees are based on the work we do, not a percentage of your superannuation balance. We do not believe in fixed prices as we believe you should always get value for money. With a fixed price model the smaller uncomplicated funds invariably subsidise the larger more complicated funds. We are totally independent. We are service based, we do not sell any products and we do not receive any commissions or fees from referrals. This means we can provide independent and unbiased advice that is always in your best interests. We are SMSF Accountants based in Perth (WA) and if you have any questions or concerns we are only a phone call away.

Our clients include retirees who want greater control over their superannuation and the benefits of a tax exempt income stream. Our clients also include ethical investors and young professionals who are interested in the benefits of salary sacrifice or the ability to make contributions to their SMSF and claim a tax deduction. Buying property in an SMSF has become popular and many of our clients are now investing in property and some are financing the purchase through borrowings in their SMSF. We also work with small business owners who want to buy their business premises in their SMSF.  Additionally we also work with other professional accountants to provide SMSF services to their clients.

Our first appointment is no obligation and no cost. You must receive advice before a Licensed Accountant can set up an SMSF for you. Our advice is presented in an easy to understand Statement of Advice (SOA). The cost of setting up a new SMSF includes a Trust Deed and application for regulation, ABN and TFN, and is also inclusive of the application fees payable to ASIC. Please contact us today for a quote for the set up fees including personalised SOA. Fees for the annual administration, accounting, taxation and compliance services will vary depending on the number of transactions and the complexity of the fund. We can provide a quote and a fee schedule during the initial appointment.

We can advise you on whether an SMSF is appropriate for you. We assist you to decide on the Trustee structure. We take care of everything else including organising a Trust Deed from a specialised legal firm, applying for an ABN and TFN and applying for your fund to be regulated.

We always appreciate referrals. If you have been happy with our service please recommend us to your family and friends. Please let us know if you have referred a new client to us.  If they engage us as their SMSF accountant we would like to organise a gift for you.


Nigel and Shannon
Mt Richon WA
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Fantastic team of professionals making the process as smooth and efficient as possible. The efficiency of the team is to be commended. Just being able to feel comfort [to] ask those seemingly silly questions and details of some of the smaller more technical areas. Thank you so so much for the work the ladies have done to get us on the road.
Piara Waters
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Working in well with clients' needs and opening my mind into the possibilities that lie within SMSF setups. I think crossing Susan's path will be a big change with how my life ends up regarding super. Every step of the way I found helpful and well informed about the SMSF journey. Great team to work with, I feel like I don't have to worry about my super with Susan and her team looking after myself and my family's future.
Brian T
Bull Creek
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We had very complex compliance/SMSF ATO regulation issues and Susan came to the rescue. I approached a few other Tax agents before Susan and after our first call/consultation Susan had a detailed action plan mapped out from start to finish. Susan worked effortlessly to address all our SMSF problems and went above and beyond to achieve all action items. Susan is the best SMSF professional and we can't recommend her enough. Thanks for all your hard work and efforts, Susan. Brian and Sharon.
Joe & Mirella
Perth WA
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I find Susan very approachable and her easy to understand answers go to making for a pleasurable experience.
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Susan O’Connor was our go to for setting up our Self-Managed Superannuation Fund. Knowing Susan’s professionalism and knowledge as an SMSF accountant, there was no one else I could trust to take us through this process... The amount of support and hand holding through this process of setting up an SMSF was phenomenal. Unfortunately, some industry superfunds do not make it easy to move the superannuation money and exit, but Susie and her staff did not leave us to muddle it through on our own, every time we hit a problem they were there with the assistance to find the solution. They have gone over and beyond, and we look forward to many more years of working with Susan O’Connor and team, we wouldn’t trust anyone else.
Lee-Anne Evans
Principal at Lee-Anne P Evans Accounting - Alexander Heights WA
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I have known Susan professionally for 15 years. I asked Susan to assist me by preparing accounts and tax returns for my SMSF clients. I have been so pleased with her efficiency and knowledge of SMSFs that I have now transferred all my 20 SMSF clients to her. She takes care of all my clients’ SMSFs and I continue to provide individual and small business taxation services. The arrangement has worked really well for me as I can now focus on my core business knowing that all SMSF work is being expertly taken care of by Susan. I am so confident in her services that she now looks after my own SMSF and my mum’s and my sister’s! I would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for an approachable accountant who is knowledgeable in SMSF accounting and administration. I am happy to talk to anyone about the services Susan provides.

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A: If you can’t come to an appointment we can accommodate you by email, by post or over the telephone. We may also be able to offer an appointment outside business hours or if you are in the Perth metro area we may be able to visit you at your residence.

A: Yes, there is free street parking for up to an hour.

A: You are most welcome to make an appointment for an obligation free initial consultation. This appointment is for 30 minutes.

A: Yes, most retail or industry super funds will allow rollovers into an SMSF.

A:  No, you can both rollover your balances into the one SMSF. There are rules for members/trustees of an SMSF but generally you can have 1-6 members who can be relatives.

A: Yes, however there are limits on the amounts you can contribute depending on your age.   In some instances your personal contributions may also be tax deductible.


A: If you are our client, your Electronic Service Address (ESA) is ‘SuperMate’. It is case sensitive.

A: Members in an SMSF do not have member numbers. If a form requires a member number, we generally instruct members to use an arbitrary number such as 00001.

A: To open a bank account for your SMSF, the bank will need to see a signed copy of the Fund’s Trust Deed. Often they will need to see a certified copy, which we can provide for you. You will also need the Fund’s ABN.

A: If you have a corporate trustee, the name of the account should be formatted as follows:

‘CORPORATE TRUSTEE NAME Pty Ltd (ACN: XXX XXX XXX) As Trustee For FUND NAME Superannuation Fund’.

If you have individual trustees, the name of the account should be formatted as follows:


A: You can open whichever type of bank account you would like to. Most banks offer a specific SMSF account, but you can choose whichever product you prefer.

A: You will need to fill out the Standard Superannuation Choice Form NAT13080 to nominate your SMSF and provide this to your employer. You will also generally need a Letter of Compliance for the SMSF. We provide this to all our clients free of charge if the Fund is compliant. Please contact us if you require a Letter of Compliance.

A: If you are our client, we advise you of your minimum pension amount in our annual letter. We will also email you to re-confirm this amount before the end of the financial year.